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Winning Project Proposals: Your Secret Weapon for Freelance Success!

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Are you a freelancer looking to boost your success rate and win more projects? Winning project proposals is one of the most important parts of getting freelance work. Convincing clients that you are the best candidate for the position may be achieved mostly through the use of a well-written proposal. 

Every customer wants to know why they should choose you over other freelancers applying for the same assignment. 5 to 50 or more freelancers may submit proposals for a single project. A strong proposal can be exactly what you need to make your proposal stand out from the others.

What is a proposal?

You have the opportunity to include a message with your application in a proposal to convince potential employers that you are the ideal candidate. Like a cover letter or short pitch, this introduction is brief and to the point, outlining your qualifications for the client to consider hiring. It enables you to spark a client’s interest in your offerings and make important suggestions on how you may address their issue.


The importance of proposals

One of the most important components of obtaining projects through the global work marketplace is submitting proposals. It’s the initial step towards establishing a connection with a possible client, therefore your proposal must be eye-catching. The main strategy for getting potential clients to interview you for their projects is to write a comprehensive and well-written proposal.

You might eventually get to the point where clients are approaching you directly to ask for assistance on projects, saving you the trouble of bidding on work! All it takes is hard work and building a solid reputation on freelance platforms like Zunction! Nevertheless, it’s crucial to perfect your pitch and proposal until you get there.

How do I get my first client?

Experimenting with various cover letter formats is an essential initial step in your freelance career that makes the difference between those who quit and those who land their first gig. Competition can be difficult, particularly for new freelancers. If you don’t have a strong proposal, you can wind up sending out dozens of them and having them all rejected. When it comes right down to it, writing a strong proposal is what will ultimately land you your first customer. Try everything out and don’t stop trying until you find a strategy that suits you.

Note: It usually takes three days on average for clients on Zunction to hire a freelancer they think is the best fit for their project. Having patience is essential to getting that dream first project. While you wait for responses from potential clients, keep applying to jobs that meet your background.

How to write a proposal that shines?

Writing a proposal is a skill in itself, and like any other skill, your method will get better with practice. The format of a proposal is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when creating one. While each proposal should be unique to the freelancer and job description, there are a few common elements that most good proposals include:

  • An immediate, direct greeting and introduction, followed by a brief overview of the main issue or requirement raised by the client.
  • A clear statement assuring them that you can handle their issues and go to work straight immediately.
  • A short pitch that should just consist of two or three words outlining your many advantages over the potential employer.
  • A brief but thorough explanation of the procedures and strategies you’ll employ to tackle the project and deliver first-rate service.
  • Attachments that meet the demands of the client, such as files with example works, pertinent documents, or links to your portfolio showcasing previous projects.

How long should your proposal be?

As long as your plan demonstrates your understanding of the issue and your ability to address it, it doesn’t have to be very extensive. Always try to write in a concise, straightforward, and tidy manner. Most of what you need to say can be said in three short paragraphs.

Long proposals with details unrelated to their problems are not something that clients have time to read. Long proposals are unlikely to convince anyone because very few people will take the time to read them.

What is the best format for a proposal?

Writing a proposal follows a format that is a lot like that of a traditional cover letter. Each unique project should have a proposal that is specifically tailored to it. You can create stronger patterns and sequences in your proposals that may convince the client to employ you if you focus more on the needs of the project than on creating a rigid template.

Attract the client’s attention

In most cases, you will be competing with over a dozen other freelancers for the same project offer. It’s probable that the client will move on to another proposal in the few seconds you have left to make an impression. This means that in order to make sure that your proposal is read, it is essential that you write a few compelling opening phrases.

Your proposal’s goal, from the client’s point of view, is to identify the freelancer who can most effectively assist them. Your chances of getting that job increase dramatically when you get right to the topics that the client actually cares about.

Show understanding of the client’s goals and job description

You should be able to clearly state in the first few phrases that you understand the client’s needs. On Zunction, potential clients want to know that you will stand with them. They want proof that you are capable and prepared to support them in their goals. Always begin by restating the main issues or making a job-related comment. This demonstrates that you have the required experience and have taken the time to read the project description in its entirety.

Provide proof that you can get the job done

In basic terms, clients want to know that they can trust the freelancer they hire to complete the job. A sample of a similar project you’ve previously completed is the easiest method to convince a potential client that you are capable of succeeding. Mention a couple of your prior experiences that align with their project requirements from your Zunction profile or portfolio.

Include work samples and past results

Including previous work samples helps establish credibility and confidence. Past work from a freelancer is highly sought for by clients and may even be the most important consideration when making a choice. You may wish to put any case studies, testimonials, or results that can be verified in the second paragraph so that readers can immediately see them.

Note: An effective Zunction profile is also useful in this situation. After viewing an attractive proposal, clients usually read the profile in search of further useful details. It is a good idea to link your portfolio to successful project reviews after ensuring that your profile supports your statements.

Ask questions and offer solutions

Certain job postings inquire if you have any questions regarding a certain project and provide pre-written proposal questions. This presents an additional chance for you to demonstrate your suitability to provide assistance. Make sure that the questions you ask only demonstrate how well you understand the steps involved in finding a solution. You may include questions in your proposal as well, but be careful not to overload the client with too many queries so that answering them will take extra time. Asking inquiries about the project’s timeframe, the company or product details, or what to expect on a daily basis while working on the project are all good ideas. 

Separate yourself from competitors

It’s important to start thinking about methods to differentiate yourself from the competition as soon as possible because you’ll be up against a lot of other professionals who share your interests. One fantastic method to achieve it is with an introductory video on your profile. By including a link to this video in your proposal, you may increase the likelihood that the customer will interact with your profile and set up an interview.

Remember to give reasons why the client should work with you

Your proposal might help you stand out and give potential clients a better introduction to you. Make sure your message to the client is clearly relatable and highlights the advantages of hiring you for the assignment. You should let the client know how long you’ve been in the industry and how your experience will benefit their project. 

Proposal Examples

These are three sample proposals for a position as a freelance writer. Based on the work description of a hypothetical client, each of these samples is designed to show the freelancer as the ideal fit.

Example #1:


I would love to be your freelance writer and help you execute your website content strategy.

I have 5 years of experience writing content for websites, including,, and more. Below, I’ve linked two samples that showcase my writing ability in a similar niche to your brand. As you can see, I understand your audience and know how to write compelling articles to get your website visitors to purchase your products.

I can complete 1,000-word articles with a 2-day turnaround time. Would that work for your needs? Let me know if my writing meets your expectations, and we can set up a time to talk about your project in more detail.

Example Website Content #1 (link)

Example Website Content #2 (link)


Aadiya Sharma

Example #2:


If you need high-quality articles written for your website at an affordable price, I am the right writer for you! My goal with every content piece is to lead your website’s visitors along their buyer’s journey—hopefully ending with a purchase on your website.

As you can see in my Zunction profile, I have three years of experience writing content for websites just like yours. You can even find some of my published work on,, and Linked below are two writing samples that demonstrate my ability to craft excellent blog content for B2B e-commerce websites.

– Example Website Article #1

– Example Website Article #2

My current turnaround time for 1,000-word articles is two days. If my work aligns with what you need, can we set up a time to discuss your goals for this project?

Best regards,

Jessie Kaur

Example #3:

Hello Nicky,

I’m a detail-driven writer who turns ideas into valuable website content for clients just like you. I enjoy writing for various topics and niches (business, lifestyle, travel, personal blogs, etc.). You can find examples of my past writing work on my Zunction profile, plus (insert link here) and (insert link here).

My experience has given me a deep understanding of SEO writing and strong digital marketing strategies to help drive traffic to your site. I excel at writing all types of content such as blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and more.

My rate is $50 for projects like this one, and I can have a finished piece of writing delivered time before you land that next project. Check out recently posted jobs and start applying today!

Discover the secrets to success with our exclusive ebook

Download now to you this week if you’re interested. Let’s talk!

– Anna G.

Note: Don’t use these as a Zunction proposal template, instead use these as proposal examples that can inspire a unique proposal for each job.

Mistakes to avoid when creating a proposal

Before beginning a proposal for a project, it is usually important to have a clear idea of what the work requires. Beyond that, there are a few things to stay away from while posting job proposals on Zunction.

Don’t use a proposal template

Your proposal won’t land you a job if it is poorly written. Many freelancers, especially beginners, turn to copied and pasted templates to cut down on proposal writing time when time is of the essence. Even while using this strategy could save you several hours of writing, you might start applying automatically and ignoring the job description. The fact that each client and job is different makes this a bad concept.

Pre-made proposals are easily recognised by clients because they typically don’t address their demands in a meaningful way. Since templates offer fewer customised ideas and suggestions, using them can drastically reduce your chances of getting hired. You run the risk of becoming used to not completely understanding the needs of the customer and the scope of the project when you use templates

Don’t make it all about you

Talking too much about yourself and not enough about the client is another crucial mistake to avoid. Recall that clients are concerned about finding solutions to their issues, which is why they initially listed the project on Zunction. Your proposal ought to focus on your clients’ issues and how you can help them.

Don’t include unnecessary fluff

Writing pointless details that aren’t relevant to the job puts you at risk of coming across as unprofessional. The time that clients have is not spent on filler or fluff. Compose proposals that are effective, clear, and personalised to demonstrate to clients that you respect their time.

Don’t be too casual or overly professional

Professionalism is usually a fantastic initial impression to leave on potential clients when it comes to crafting winning proposals. Resist from making remarks or statements that aim to be humorous or engaging. These frequently have the opposite effect from what you had in mind. Even though there is less formality in corporate communication now, especially with online collaboration tools, your perception of appropriate professional settings shouldn’t be affected.

On the other hand, there are situations where appearing overly professional might be harmful. Many freelancers believe that in order to come across as informed and professional, they must sound extremely formal in their pitches. However, this may make it more difficult for them to get an interview. Being extremely professional could come across as stiff and difficult to relate to on a personal level, which could turn off clients.

The ideal course of action for guaranteeing that you establish the finest possible connection with the client is to locate a middle ground between these two extremes. Always keep in mind that everything you write will always leave an impression, so you want to make sure it’s a positive one.

Next steps

If you don’t have a strong proposal, securing new work can be difficult for anyone, even seasoned professionals or aspiring freelancers. It won’t be long until you land that next assignment if your proposal is well-written, original, and offers answers for the client. Check out recently posted jobs and start applying today!

Discover the secrets to success with our exclusive ebook!

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